Saturday, 4 February 2006

Basement Tapes

I got a text this morning telling me to turn on the TV to see something called 'Desperate Man Blues,' a feelgood documentary about passionate record collector Joe Bussard (right). I'm damn glad I did: Joe is a legend himself, and the music he collects so enthusiastically is from the legendary blues era of American music.

Son House, Robert Johnson, Blind Willy McTell ... Bussard has all the original 78s from all of these, including at least one or two records that are the only ones still in existence -- and he's still looking for more. And he loves it so! His collection is enormous and well-used, and Joe himself is the sort of bloke that makes the world a better place. His enthusiasm is infectious, and as genuine as the music he loves. Says documentary maker Edward Gillan:
That's something unique about Joe, he's a complete evangelist. I mean, if you're the FedEx guy delivering a parcel to his house, you are quite likely to end up in the basement for a couple of days, listening to old 78s from the 1920s.
There's a story here about Joe Bussard and Gillan's documentary on him, and another here, and feel free to visit Joe Bussard's own website -- you can order CDs and tapes from his enormous collection. And do keep an eye out for the doco if it comes your way again. It's pretty infectious itself. :-)

Links: Film: Desperate Man Blues - NineMSN
Desperate Man Blues: Joe Bussard parties like it's 1929 - Eddie Dean
Joe Bussard's Vintage 78 website

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