Friday, 3 February 2006

Time for a beer

It's Windhoek again for me this avo -- a German beer at un-German prices (and still a great deal from the Mt Eden Liquor Centre).



  1. Though you should keep in mind that it hasn't rained in Windhoek for years, and thus all water used is recycled.

  2. Ah! that would be why it has plenty of, um, body then. :-/

  3. I nearly got into trouble on the train tonight. Some dude ordered a Tui's, and the barstaff (I catch the best trains) said "Sorry, we are out of Tui) and I said:

    "Perhaps the water might be a good substitute?"

    Tui drinker with a sense of humour?
    Yeah right.

  4. Hah! Water's too good for a Tui drinker. :-)

    CUSTOMER: "Barman, bring me a beer."
    BARMAN: "I'm sorry sir. Beer's off. All we have is Tui."
    Customer leaves at a run.

    (So what train was this you were drinking on, Zen? Apart from the Tui, it sounds very classy.) :-)

  5. German?

    Uhm, never seen that...


  6. 'Tall Blonde' from Founder's brewery in Nelson is a class product!

    Compared to Tui it is....

    No- I wouldn't compare it!

  7. Oswald - all the Founder's beers are top class, I particularly like the 'Long Black'. I prefer my blonde's short - brownie points with the girlfriend there ;-).

    PC - so, what was it like? I've never tried the 'hoek. Give us some thoughts.


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