Friday, 17 February 2006


"Ban ads." I t's been a refrain for the last few days in this pathetic authoritarian backwater, hasn't it. "Ban ones about sugar." "Ban them if they're too violent." "Ban them! It's for the chooldren." "Ban them on one channel so we can fall asleep in front of the telly."

Ban, ban, ban. You'd think we'd never seen a good ad in our lives. (Crikey, the worst ad is better than the best episode of Close to Bloody Home ever was. Always was.) Luckily, The Goodness has singled out three examples from the ad world that are not just good, they're so sharp you'll cut yourself. Imagine for example how you might make a poster ad for haemorrhoid cream ... and then go take a look and see how a professional does it. Sharp, very sharp. (Ouch.)

LINK: Nice new ads - The Goodness

1 comment:

  1. Loved the Toffee Pops ad w/ Carlos Spencer. A classic!


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