Wednesday, 1 February 2006

New links

I might need to re-organise my sidebar at some stage, and I'm open to suggestions as to how. (Does anyone ever use the 'Popular Posts' links at all?)

In the meantime, I've just added the hilarious Jimi Kumara, and the enormously useful RateBeer site (thanks Stu - any idea when Emerson's beers will be affordable?) And I've removed Hippolyte, who's scorched-earth his blog.


  1. (Does anyone ever use the 'Popular Posts' links at all?)

    Nup. Flick it.

  2. Hmm... I don't know. I've used Popular Posts a few times before.

    Also, move the Paypal link up a little bit... :)

  3. Oh, you mean the PayPal link whereby peeps can pay me for lunch if they've found this blog helpful, informative or entertaining and would like to express their appreciation by buying me lunch?

    You mean `that` PayPal?

    Your wish, sir, is my command. High enough for you? :-)


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