Saturday, 18 February 2006

Hello Sailor's summer gig

Here's where I'll be later this avo: At Hello Sailor's Summer Concert in the Park at Mt Eden's Tahaki Reserve (cnr Clive, Normanby and Mt Eden Roads, just North of theMountain itself). These guys are world class, and this regular summer gig is a perfect (free) Auckland evening out. Join me. :-)

Gig starts at 6pm, Sailor on at 7:50pm. Bring picnic stuff, BBQ gear (if you're early) beer and wine, and enjoy a great summer afternoon and evening lying in the park. (It pays to get there early and spread your blanket in a good spot.)

And in other Sailor news... Ben King (Goldenhorse) and Alan Janssen (OMC) are mixing Hello Sailor's new album ready for release in a few months. Great news. Perhaps for the first time we might have an album that sounds like Sailor live?

UPDATE: A great evening, except for three things. 1) Graham was more than usually drunk. I don't think his harmonica had been stolen so much as it had, ah, misplaced itself. 2) It's high time to get rid of substitute bass player Paul Woolwright in place of one who understands how good bass playing should propel the music foward, not weigh it down. He made the bouncy GMT sound as if all the clocks had stopped. 3) And whoever was on the mixing desk should be shot -- he seemed to take Spinal Tap seriously and had everything turned up to eleven. Even the bloody piano was distorted. Sheesh!

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  1. Poor mixing is the mainstay of live New Zealand music - nothing's changed for 30 years. NZ muso's tend to think loud is good and most kiwis shot their air drums by 10 years old, so don't even notice. Add to this, very little music training at any age, and you have a mixture for crap live music. Fortunately they seem to be getting it together in the studio. But so I can keep my hearing in tacked, I'll carry on avoiding live music.


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