Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Good gun people in Christchurch

Credit to the Greens's FrogBlog for drawing attention to what looks to be an excellent platform of speakers on the subject of gun control. Both Gary Mauser and John Lott I know of -- Lott's book More Guns, Less Crime is a deserved classic, and Mauser has been here before to explain why gun registration fails -- and some of the other speakers look to be just as good.

Even better that this Firearms Safety Seminar is hosted by the NZ Police, and opened by Police Minister Annette King. I hope she stays around to learn a little.

Of course, my evaluation of the speakers is just a little different to the Greens, just as my position on the right to self-defence is different. I maintain that people have a right to defend themselves. The Greens don't.

LINKS: In the right hands - Firearms safety seminar website
Gary Mauser's website
An interview with John R. Lott
Speaker: Why Gun Registration Fails - Libertarianz

TAGS: Self-defence, Politics-NZ


  1. And the fact that Keith Locke is unhappy about it is reason enough to go!

  2. Recently had a confrontation with people who had no permission to be shooting on the land they were on. Both respective parties were armed. There was no shoot-out, no carnage, nobody went to the mattresses, no armed offenders squads running around like ninjas looking for someone to take out; Not a threat passed between us. They were told to bugger off, and they did.

    Had the argument gone further I know what would have happened, there would have been an old fashioned dust-up with a few punches thrown but the rifles would have been laid down first.

    The Greens would have us beleive that being armed accelerates such arguments into homicides. B.s.

    I finally figured them out. The greens are frightened of anything that smacks of retribution or any authority or right apart from their own. In their own paranoid world guns represent just that.


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