Monday, 30 January 2006

Second-biggest, brightest Objectivist mag now online

The new-look second-best* Objectivist magazine in the world is just out, and editor Robert Bidinotto is excited (that's a picture of the cover there on the left). "The magazine is bigger, more graphically appealing, and, I think, more interesting than ever before," says the editor. What's more, it's all online -- just follow the link from 'The Bidinotto Blog':
Of course I'm biased [says Editor Bidinotto], but I love the variety and quality of material in this issue [of The New Individualist]:

*David Kelley... answers the complaint of a fellow Objectivist who believes Kelley is not tough enough in his criticism of Islam.

* Ed Hudgins takes on advocates of "creationism" and "intelligent design"...

* I conduct a long interview with Scott Bullock, the attorney for the Institute for Justice who represented beleaguered homeowners in the recent Supreme Court decision on eminent domain, Kelo v. City of New London; the interview provides an inside look at the decision, and the prospects for property rights in its wake.

* Classics scholar Bruce S. Thornton challenges multiculturalists, postmodernists, and Islamist critics and their "Indictment of the West."

* Robert L. Jones surveys the field of pop music post-Sinatra, and finds that "the standards" are undergoing a big revival. He reports in "Raising 'the Standards'."

* The VodkaPundit, Stephen Green, explains how he became such a popular blogger -- and how you can, too -- in "Bathrobe Individualism."

* Sara Pentz reviews the book Ready, Aim, Right! by Objectivist businessman/talk host Jack Criss.

* David M. Brown reviews an excellent new self-help book by David Henderson and Charles Hooper, Making Great Decisions in Business and Life.
All sounds good, and all online. So what are you waiting for?

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* I know you've been wondering: What's the world's very best Objectivist magazine? Answer: The Free Radical of course -- politics, economics and life as if freedom mattered. Subscribe now!

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  1. Peter, thanks much for the plug.


    Robert Bidinotto, Editor
    The New Individualist,
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