Tuesday, 17 January 2006

'Portrait of Madame Pierre Gautreau' - John Singer Sargent

The infamous 'Portrait of Madame X' that scandalised Paris in 1884. Rumour has it that Singer Sargent was a distant relative, but as Lou Reed says, "you can't always trust your Mother."

[UPDATE: Painter Lindsay Mitchell has an explanation of what exactly was considered so scandalous about this painting: Parisians took their art more seriously then than we now do, and apparently the painting was also subtly different then... See Lindsay's 'Spot the difference']


  1. She has the sort of neck I like in a woman!

    The nose is a little unfortunate, but, hey...

  2. BTW, I see you are getting more comment now :-)

  3. It must have been painted in winter. She has a skin pigment that makes Queen Elizabeth look positively third world,and her ears and nose look on the verge of getting chillblains

  4. I have just blogged on this at www.lindsaymitchell.blogspot.com

    Go there for the real oil ;-)


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