Saturday, 28 January 2006

PC at the Aussie Open

Tennis commentary cracks me up every time they talk with a straight face about linespersons and ballspersons.

Looking forward to a weekend of great TV tennis action; full of fairy tales, fightbacks, grim struggles, dazzling briliiance ... and linespersons and ballspersons.

"Thank you linesmen. Thank you ballboys." Sounds so much better, doesn't it.


  1. That's how you talk when you have NO balls ;-)

  2. I take it you wrote about the fairy tales, fightbacks, grim struggles and dazzling brilliance BEFORE the women's final...

  3. Indeed. Bloody French. Anybody see any frogmen swimming around Krajicek's, Clijsters's or Henin-Hardenne's swimming pools? Far too suspicious.

  4. You have to be a bit thick to like tennis. It's a bit like motor sports. Even the high weight corporates know that only the dumb like tennis and car racing. So sponsorship is cheap.


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