Sunday, 29 January 2006

Have a drink. Have an Asahi.

Been drinking Asahi 'Super Dry' beer all weekend. Imported by CUB, it's around and it's affordable.

Fine stuff. Wonderfully refreshing -- perhaps just a touch sweet -- and a very subtle malty after-taste.

A perfect accompaniment to the summer -- and it goes just fine with Miso soup.



  1. Hey PC, if you like it - got for it! Myself, I haven't tried this since I spat it out in digust as an 18 year old...

    Offensive, for me, in it's effort to remain inoffensive.

    Rated in the bottom 10% of beers, by beer lovers, at

  2. Not sure just how seriously those beer-lovers can be taken, Stu:

    "Pours a golden clear liquid that gets almost no head at all."


    "Typical asian lager: little aroma, but refreshing and easy to drink."

    True, but a cut above the other Asian lagers.

    "Nose of sewer and a hint of hops."


    "Very dry and intense iron flavour."


    "Sour with no finish at all."


    "Feels like a battery on the tongue."


    And finally some sense from a Canadian:

    "Well now I think that this beer is the best dry or super dry in the world, it has a wonderful dry and silky taste."

    Quite right. :-)

    Anyway, that said, their Top 18 widely distributed beers look pretty sound. Thanks for the link, Stu.

  3. It also gives you one hell of a hangover.

    I used to drink this on tap every night (Japanese pubs often serve only one type of beer) at my local in Osaka. I'd invariably wake up with a splitting headache the next morning, no matter how much I drank. Thank god work started at 2pm.

  4. Yep, I'd have to agree, there are some blatantly biased comments in there... the folk at ratebeer are not exactly your typical asian-lager drinkers.

    You'll find that most of those "widely distributed" beers are not distributed this widely.

    Call Rumble's Wine Cellar, in Wellington, for an order list - they have a superb order coming in mid-Feb and the shipping is not all that expensive.


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