Monday, 23 January 2006

Bad news just in from Helengrad

The good news from Helengrad this morning is that the bureaucrats are all away from work today -- it's the Wellington Anniversary holiday, and they're all away from their desks. Hooray!

The bad news is that Helen herself is back from holiday, and according to The Press,
Helen Clark is vowing to fight for a fourth term as prime minister. Speaking on her return from holiday, Miss Clark, has confirmed she wants to retain the leadership till the next election at least. "I've been telling everyone who rings that I have every intention of contesting a fourth term."


Linked story: Clark guns for another term as PM - The Press


  1. Well she doesn't have much else to do - no growing extended family, no non-political skills. In the 4th term I imagine she'd be aiming more for the world stage to prepare for a later career at the UN.

  2. Maybe she has knowledge that her chances of being UN Secretary General have dropped?

  3. libertyscott - my thoughts exactly!For all the sucking up to the UN and fulfilling of immigrant quotas from third world countries, hosting Musharaff and the Turkish PM and promoting all sorts of socialist/greenie programmes, the UN is not interested in her. Why should they be? They can pull her strings without having to reward her with a plum position as well.


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