Friday, 16 December 2005

Taliesin East - Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright's own house, Tailesin East, Wisconsin.
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  1. very pleasing to mine eye!

    I wish I had the least bit of talent of drawing (I can do a plan or a copy, but that's about it)

    Last night, whilst sick and fevered (suspect fish ;-~), I had a extremly vivid dream about a unique house. I toured the inside, looking to buy it. The house took the outside form of a cube, set into a hillside and was split level throughout. Apart from an entranceway, up a flight of stairs, there were no halls, just rooms connecting to other rooms.

    Damn wife woke me up before I could finish the tour!

    When I get time I will write it up on my blog and try and paint a picture with words.

    It's stuck in my head, like images used to get burned into monitor screens!

    Maybe I spent too much time looking at Frank Loyd Write links, last night ;-)

  2. "Maybe I spent too much time looking at Frank Loyd Wright links, last night"

    Now that can't be a bad thing. :-)

    Try and sketch the thing out before you forget it, even if the sketch just helps you to remember the house. Sounds fascinating.

  3. I tried to draw it, but the hands don't do what the mind's eye sees


    I did write a description up at:

    But I still don't think i did it justice.

    btw- The more i read about FLW, the more I admire his works.

    He designs the stuff I can't get out of my imagination and onto paper!


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