Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Showing what God made

Some attractive young German church-goers have put together a calendar showing rather more of God's creation than young church-goers are normally known to show. Excellent.
A German Protestant youth group has put together a 2006 calendar with 12 staged photos depicting erotic scenes from the Bible, including a bare-breasted Delilah cutting Samson’s hair and a nude Eve offering an apple. "There’s a whole range of biblical scriptures simply bursting with eroticism," said Stefan Wiest, the 32-year-old photographer who took the titillating pictures. Anne Rohmer, 21, poses on a doorstep in garters and stockings as the prostitute Rahab, who is mentioned in both New and Old Testaments. "We wanted to represent the Bible in a different way and to interest young people," she told Reuters. "Anyway, it doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible that you are forbidden to show yourself nude."
Sounds tempting, doesn't it. Now I know what Van Morrison was singing about: 'Oooh ooh oooh, She gives me religion!'

Linked Article: Youths reveal racy Bible calendar



Blogger BerlinBear said...

Ha! I love it. Believe it or not, unless I've completely missed it, that hasn't even made the news here. Germans are very very relaxed about nudity and it never raises so much as an eyebrow, let alone a heckle.

7 Dec 2005, 12:07:00  
Blogger Max said...

Yes, we don't do and that's fine by me :)

(However, the case is entirely different on violence... Perhaps the US and the Germans should exchange a bit there, but only the good stuff, giving the US some nudity and Germany some less strict rules on violence)

9 Dec 2005, 07:09:00  

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