Thursday, 15 December 2005

'Malcolm Willey House' - Frank Lloyd Wright

Here's a wonderful site put together by two owners of a Frank Lloyd Wright house presently being restored: the 1933 Malcolm Willey House. Plans, history, walk-throughs ... it's all there.

Wright on the Web describes the Willey House -- or 'The Garden Wall' as Wright called it, as "the 'bridge' between Wright's earlier prairie houses, and his later Usonian houses, the first of which was erected in 1937 near Madison, Wisconsin.

There's all the usual Flash plugin stuff that too many architectural sites have (and that can slow your browser right down) but on my computer at least it all works swimmingly. Whatever you do, try not to miss the 'tour' -- a 36 step 'walk-through the design and construction of the house. [Hat tip Wright in Minnesota]

Linked Site: MalcomWilleyHouse.Com
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