Thursday, 1 December 2005

Keith Locke exposed again

Keith Locke's past has now been laid bare by Trevor Loudon in a four-part expose fueled by the contents of his encyclopaedic filing cabinets. They're all here: Keith Locke-A Wasted Life, Part1, Part2, Part 3, and Part 4 (Final for Now). Trevor's series began with the shameful story of Locke's support for Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge:
In April 1975 Locke wrote a lead article for 'Socialist Action' under the banner heading: "Cambodia Liberated: Victory For Humanity" The "liberators" were of course the Khmer Rouge led by the infamous Pol Pot.
That victory for humanity came at the price of the death by government of 2,035,000 Cambodians. A Cambodian friend told me that at the end of the Pol Pot regime, Khmer Rouge troops were killing people with bamboo stakes -- by then, you see, they'd run out of bullets. Such was the regime that 'liberated' Cambodia.

Copies of that fateful April 1975 edition now change hands at enormous prices. You can however find a copy in the Parliamentary Library now that is has been tabled in the House. [Hansard here; scroll down a few dozen lines. See Frog Blog's answer to the charge here. RJ Rummel has a 'Docudrama' from that fateful liberation here.] Loudon concludes the four-parter with the observation that,
Keith Locke was born into a communist family and has fought for the cause ever since. He has wasted his life supporting some of the most murderous regimes and movements on the planet.
Too true. Trevor has missed another revealing incident dating from 2001. Soon after the act of war that was September 11, Keith Locke spoke at a meeting in Rotorua on a platform with Annette Sykes, at a meeting called to protest the liberation of Afghanistan. As Keith sat there smiling and nodding his head in agreement, Sykes told the audience (as transcribed by a member of that audience):
When I first saw the planes fly into the towers I jumped for joy, I was so happy that at long last capitalism was under attack. Until, it suddenly dawned on me, what about all those poor pizza delivery boys, those poor firemen, those poor policemen, those poor lift-operators, all those poor cleaners, all those other poor workers who are forced to work for and were trying to save those greedy and horrible capitalists!? My heart and head was so confused - happy that some capitalists had been killed and very, very sad for all those who had died while working for them.

Keith neither challenged nor questioned Sykes’s rant; instead he sat there and smiled and nodded and then led the applause when she finished. Nice chap. Good company he keeps. I raised this matter on the Frog Blog back in May, at which time some discussion ensued.

Anyway, while you're at Trevor's blog, have a look at his examination of another complete wanker, Robert Constant-whine, a man who has ridden more gravy trains than a slop cart driver.

Keep 'em coming, Trevor.

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