Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Iran shows impeccable taste

In the interests of balance and fairness, let me say something good about Iran. Maybe it's not as unenlightened and regressive as you might think. Perhaps instead it's far-sighted and forward-thinking, and at the very least, its leaders show impeccable taste. I say this because they've just banned Kenny G and The Eagles. Repressive stone-age barbarian Ahmadinejad might be, but I'm thinking that for once we can all learn something from Iran. :-)
[Hat tip LibertyScott]


  1. How can you seriously ban the Eagles yet let Michael Bolton be freely played?

  2. You're a sad man, PC. I decided to be the bigger man and ignore your comments re Pink Floyd and U2, but The Eagles?!! Sheesh.

    Guess it's no use asking you to keep an eye out for 'The Best of Tony Christie' for me! :)

  3. Robert Winefield21 Dec 2005, 19:58:00

    Sadly they didn't stop at the Eagles and M Bolton: From,2933,179158,00.html

    "...Earlier this month, Ali Rahbari, conductor of Tehran's symphony orchestra, resigned and left Iran to protest the treatment of the music industry in Iran.

    Before leaving, he played Beethoven's Ninth Symphony to packed Tehran theater houses over several nights last month — its first performance in Tehran since the 1979 revolution. The performances angered many conservatives and prompted newspaper columns accusing Rahbari of promoting Western values.

  4. The Iranian English language shortwave station, which you can also hear online, has had this music in the background with its daily broadcast - so did Radio Baghdad when it existed, playing Madonna in between news items!

  5. Yeah that's right folks.

    I gave PC a lift one time and loaded the 'Hell Freezes Over' tape especially for him and did I get any thanks for my thoughfulness? You better believe I didn't!

  6. robert winefield22 Dec 2005, 03:01:00

    Rick obviously believes that people should be grateful for all gifts given to them - regardless of what they are.

    Can you imagine smiling when receiving a dog-turd (or it's collorary - being forced to listen to some of the most soul-less tunes ever recorded) tied up with a ribbon and accompanied by a "Love from Rick" note?

  7. it's (sic) collorary (sic)?

    And 'Desperado', 'Tequila Sunrise' & 'Take it to the Limit' soulless? (It's not a compound).

    On the contrary!

  8. No, you meat-head. Merely relating that this quirk has a history...much like your own manevolence.


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