Friday, 11 November 2005

Who knows who the least

Cathy's good idea this week is to reveal all those secret friendships and acquaintances you have with other NZ bloggers. DPF has naturally followed suit, and together they look a little like namedroppers compared to my own spartan wee list.

Who on my sidebar do I know personally? Bugger all.

Julian Pistorius, Liberty Scott, beNZylpiperazine, and Duncan Bayne are all good Libertarianz and good friends. Blair from the Mild Greens I met in Christchurch a few years ago when campaigning.

I've had some contact with most of the people in my 'Art & Architecture' section and some of the people in my 'Good People Elsewhere' section, and many are friends, but none are really mainstream NZ bloggers so I won't bore you with them.

Who's left then? I've had a beer or two with David Seymour from Act on Campus; Bob Dey I met through Adrian Chisholm's trial; Crog I've met at various functions; Berlin Bear on various football fields; I'm sure I've had a beer with at least one of the Brain Stab crew; Gman I worked with when I briefly edited The Free Radical to which he (briefly) contributed; Damian Christie when he was pretending to be libertarian; Russell Brown at on 'Off the Wire' show, and Simon Pound on bFM's Wire; and a few others I've met only in my inbox.

Tristan and Xavier from About Town I met for the shortest of times at Judith Tizard's momentary appearance at Forde's Frontbench in the last week of the election campaign; Jordan, Aaron and DPF I 'met' online when NZ Politics was still a going concern; and Graham Watson I met once at the wedding of Mr & Mrs K. Don't remember too much about that but.

And that's pretty much it. Clearly I'm moving in all the wrong circles. Or perhaps, the right ones?

[UPDATE: Corrected a couple of omisssions. Let me know anyone else I've either missed, or should have.]



Blogger Eric Olthwaite said...

"I'm sure I've had at least one of the Brain Stab crew"

If by "had" you mean "met" then you would be correct. Interesting Freudian slip all the same.

How about Ben from Dog Biting Men or The Whig, met any of them?

11 Nov 2005, 12:49:00  
Blogger PC said...

hahaha. Interesting slip indeed. :-)

But not for sometime methinks?

"Ben from Dog Biting Men or The Whig, met any of them?"

Not that I know of? Or do you know something I should?

11 Nov 2005, 12:55:00  
Anonymous Ruth said...

Well I've been invited to a blogmeet in Texas, so ~some people~ don't run off screaming at the thought of meeting me :-)

11 Nov 2005, 16:31:00  
Blogger BerlinBear said...

It is indeed a good idea. I was considering doing it myself, but then had a look at my sidebar and realised that there are only three people on there that I've ever met, so it'd be a pretty short post. To be honest though, I kinda like it that way.

11 Nov 2005, 17:00:00  
Blogger Xavier said...

Admittedly, PC, I did stay longer than Judith at Fordes Front Bench

11 Nov 2005, 19:27:00  
Blogger PC said...

"Admittedly, PC, I did stay longer than Judith at Fordes Front Bench."

Indeed. Most people did. :-)

11 Nov 2005, 19:38:00  
Blogger Blair said...

You would have seen me at Fordes - I was with Helen Simpson.

11 Nov 2005, 19:44:00  
Blogger PC said...

"Well I've been invited to a blogmeet in Texas..."

Good for you. Make sure you pack a big hat. :-)

11 Nov 2005, 19:47:00  
Blogger PC said...

"You would have seen me at Fordes - I was with Helen Simpson."

Ah yes, of course. And you stayed longer than Judith as well, as I recall. :-)

11 Nov 2005, 19:48:00  
Blogger Eric Olthwaite said...

"But not for sometime methinks?"

Probably late 2003.

"Not that I know of? Or do you know something I should?"

No, just guessing given the sort of people you already claim to have met - in in the Whig's case I was right :-)

12 Nov 2005, 10:48:00  
Blogger sagenz said...

if you played aussie rules with the sundowners based at University club in the mid - late eighties we have probably played in the same team.

i just saw your rules links and was sure I remembered your name and face

16 Nov 2005, 03:12:00  
Blogger PC said...

I did, so we must have. How 'bout that. :-)

But you have the advantage on me now: you have name and face, and I have just one. Hmmm.

16 Nov 2005, 07:52:00  
Blogger sagenz said...

I played back pocket and fullback. also played rugby for the university club at prop. speed was not my strength.

you were a forward as I recall the year we won the auckland championship. i think you may have started 1 or 2 years earlier than me. i am sure i have an old photo around somewhere back in nz. will send you a digital copy sometime

16 Nov 2005, 12:37:00  

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