Thursday, 10 November 2005

Sowell on Paris

Just when you thought it was safe to ignore the warnings blogged here at 'Not PC' the other day -- much as the young Parisian thugs are now ignoring the curfews announced but not enforced -- Thomas Sowell adds his own warning to the mix:
Riots in France: The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris

Like Steyn, Dalrymple and Bidinotto (all linked here in recent days), Sowell points to the failings of multicultural relativism as the culprit:
European countries especially have thrown their doors open to a large influx of Moslem immigrants who have no intention of becoming part of the cultures of the countries to which they immigrate but to recreate their own cultures in those countries. In the name of tolerance, these countries have imported intolerance, of which growing antisemitism in Europe is just one example. In the name of respecting all cultures, Western nations have welcomed people who respect neither the cultures nor the rights of the population among whom they have settled...

There are people who will not stop until they get stopped -- and much of the media, the political classes, and the cultural elites of the West cannot bring themselves to even criticize, much less stop, the dangers or degeneracy among groups viewed sympathetically as underdogs...

Balkanization has been glorified as "diversity" and diversity has become too sacred to defile with anything so gross as hard facts. But reality is not optional. Our survival may in the long run be as menaced by degeneration within -- from many sources and in many ways -- as was that of the Roman Empire.
I encourage you to read Sowell's piece in its entirety, and also the pieces by Steyn, Dalrymple and Bidinotto if you haven't already.


  1. Sowell right on the mark once again.

    Particularly enjoyed Dalrymple. His comments echoed my own antipathy toward male Moslems in London based on both observation and personal experience 20 odd yrs ago.

    Their general treatment of young white women even then was vulgar. I'm afraid that I quickly grew to detest them and would cross the road to avoid close proximity. I resorted to buying a Walkman specifically to block out the comments in the Paddington area, in particular.

    Proponents of fluffy multiculturalism might be a little less zealous if they ever witnessed the bizarre combination of sheer hatred, superiority & overt lust I routinely saw on those faces.

    Had I ever met one who treated me like a person/citizen/individual in my own right, I might have thought differently.

    I never did. And I scoffed at the socialist ideal of multiculturalism from that time on.

  2. Sowell clearly recognises that Muslims have NO INTENTION to integrate. Unfortunately this is not seen by many. And read for "No integration" that all means, including violence, are part and parcel of the ultimate end, taking over the host state. Or as they call it "the house of war" to turn it into "the house of peace".

    That's what makes muslims radically different from every other religion or belief.


    This might interest you


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