Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Replacing Rod

DPF at Blog Central has a good post explaining why the Greens may need to bring in their national campaign manager Russel Norman (ten on the Green list) instead of Nandor at number seven -- the chief reason being that the Greens' co-leader persons need to be one from each gender.

Doesn't mean they will bring Norman in, of course, but if they don't and --- as one commenter at DPF's suggests -- Nandor, Locke or Bradford take over his position, then "the tragedy for the Greens will be compounded."


  1. One from each gender, eh? They're slipping. I would have thought the two leaders would have to be from different ethnic groups as well ...

  2. Perhaps they will bring in anarchist (self-proclaimed-but-obviously-isn't) Mitirena Turei as co-leader, she got promoted up a bit during the last election.

  3. Ummm, you might find, Robin Thomsen, that METIRIA Turei is in fact the wrong gender for the position.

    Hence the avid speculation over who might step up.


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