Friday, 18 November 2005

Recent movements

I've presently got the Brain Stab crew on my Blogroll filed under 'Off the Radar,' but based on recent offerings, perhaps they should join Span, Krimsonlake, St Molesworth and Blogging it Real in the 'Off the Planet' section. Waddya think?

And bid au revoir to Ruth's Chaos Theory blog. Now you see it, now you


  1. I haven't looked at my stats for a few days, and I can assure you my deciding to quit for the time being is because I am easily bored - nothing more.

    As I said I have another project going with my lawyer friends - who have a great following in the US - and are way ahead of anyone in NZ on the "Ecosystem".

    So you didn't have to mention it and encourage others to abuse me. No one has chased me away - certainly not some low class ho like Odgers, who no one in power has ever heard of - and I have asked them - and that includes Brash and Mai Chen.

    So long Peter.

  2. So you didn't have to mention it and encourage others to abuse me

    I don't speak French but I don't think au revoir means what you think it means Ruth.
    You'll still be poppping up in the 'verse now and again though wont you?? Is this goodbye?

  3. I don't know why it's all of a sudden Peter's fault. There was a big post on Chaos Theory that effectively said: "Good bye", one didn't need to read this to know that.

  4. I wondered about that too, TCM. What can you do, huh?

    There are people who like what she writes, and would want to know she's going. There it is.

  5. And there is a lot of cross polination between your two blogs; a lot of healthy dialogue and so forth so it would only seem natural to comment on it. [shrugs] Damned if you do, damned if you don't I suppose.


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