Friday, 18 November 2005

Predicting the future

As you know, I hate to be rude, or to turn down an invitation from a lady, so I feel honour bound to tell you when I'm going to die.

That is, Maria von Trapp tagged me to do a 'Death Test' which will slip me (and now you) the answer. Here it is:

I can expect to die on Monday, January 7th 2030
At the below average age of 66 years old. On that date, I will most likely die from:
Contagious Disease (21%)
Alcoholism (12%)
Drowning (7%)
Heart Attack (6%)

As these things have as much ability to predict the future as palmistry -- ie., none -- feel free to tell me what my lifeline (right) tells you about my demise, and whether or not these Spark Notes people know any more than that old gypsy woman at the fun fair.

Anyway, as Roger McGough would say, 'I Want to Die a Young Man's Death'


  1. Robert Winefield18 Nov 2005, 08:40:00

    Here's a prediction for you. I predict that the next time you scan something, you'll have to use some window-cleaner to remove the palm-print from the scanner screen first...

  2. 83. Interesting, seeing as an insurance-assessors type test gave me 79.

    Where's my BASE-jumping rig got to, I wonder...

  3. I don't see no lifeline.

    Perhaps you're fake?? ;)


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