Sunday, 13 November 2005

On Blogging

Thinking of starting your own blog? Rajesh Setty has a Blogging Starter Checklist for you, most of which I haven't done myself, partly because I have no idea what some of his suggestions actually mean -- what for example is a 'chiclet'? -- and partly because I've already tried and failed on others (I have yet to get my categories to work successfully for example, but I will have another go some day). [Hat tip Robin]

And the Business Opportunities Website has calculated the monetary value of blogs, basing their figures on the recent purchase price of Weblogs Inc. by AOL. See what yours is worth according to their figures.
The Technorati Weblog also scores zero, but it doesn't make this blogger feel any better. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that DPF's is also palpably worthless. :-)


Anonymous tincanman said...

Odd. My old URL is worth $6000, but my new one is worthless. Considering the old one was only in use for the first month! Heh. Time to have a cheer-me-up-beer.

13 Nov 2005, 15:08:00  

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