Sunday, 13 November 2005

Buy one pollie, get another free?

I notice new things are afoot at the Libertarianz site. There is a merchandise section in the process of being added, at which you can purchase (so far) T-shirts, books and politicians. The politicians may not be the best that money can buy -- and it's uncertain whether they'll remain bought -- but you can be sure everything else will be of the very highest quality.


  1. Well done. Golly, soon you will be only accepting comments from mainstream NZ bloggers (whatever they are) - heaven knows the rest of us are too boring to mention.

    But it must be nice to be in the mainstream group.

    One more house point for Gryyfndor - yay!!

  2. Damn it PC I thought Ruth had said something clever, and you'd explain it to the rest of us.


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