Sunday, 6 November 2005

Jeez Wayne

Rodney Hide points out that poor Wayne Mapp, PC Eradicator-General, still has no idea who or what he's fighting. "Poor Wayne," points out Rodney, " doesn’t quite know what he’s out to eradicate—and how to do it." Nothing like fighting an intellectual enemy with ignorance and confusion, which is what Wayne's recent pronouncements suggest is his 'strategy.'

To demonstrate the extent of poor Wayne's confusion, there's an interview on that Rodney has conveniently summarised:
PC: “It’s essentially when minorities try and tell majorities how to think. But I’m clearly going to be doing a bit more work on that”.
Mainstream: “Mainstream is essentially what most people think”.

Is Wayne mainstream? Yes - “my views are essentially in common with most people”.
Social engineering: “is when you essentially change the social fabric of the country in ways that people don’t want”.
Free speech and private property: Wayne’s happy that it’s against the law to run an ad that says, “we’ve got a house to rent but no Maoris can apply,” and likewise a similar reference to gay couples. He agrees with anti-discrimination laws.
Smoking ban: “The only thing I’d raised there was actually the definition of the ‘outside’ and the RSAs,” i.e. it’s fine for the state to use its power to ban smoking on private property.
Mininority vs Majority views: “This is not primarily about minorities and majorities. This is primarily about… the things that really offend against common
As Rodney concludes, "There’s clearly some work to do."

This is not to say that PC is not something that needs eradication -- it clearly exists, and it clearly needs stamping out. But you can't fight bad ideas except with better ideas, and when you're as confused, as uncertain and as flaccid as Wayne Mapp -- 'majority rules, OK!' -- then it's like showing up at a gunfight with just a very small knife.

Look out for the next 'Free Radical,' (out soon) in which Lindsay Perigo (right) interviews Wayne Mapp. That should have some intellectual interest -- on one side of the microphone anyway.

[NB: Those of you still confused about the roots and the effects of PC might like to add these two links to those I've recommended earlier:
Education & the Racist Road to Barbarism, by George Reisman, an insightful critique of the relativist, multicultural mush of political correctness.
Political Correctness Threatens Free Society, by Ed Younkins, a short review of the basics -- hint: it's nothing to do with 'mainstream views' being offended or imposed upon.]

[UPDATE: Finlay McDonald has found a funny bone and revealed Wayne Mapp's A-Z of political correctness.]

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