Monday, 21 November 2005

Harry the libertarian?

Here we go again. Every time there's a new popular enthusiasm, some libertarian or two will pop up and make the case that X -- whatever X is -- is libertarian. It happened with the Lord of the Rings, and it's happening with Harry Potter. Here's the latest argument for the proposition: Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy


  1. I was going to write an article along these lines myself, but it looks like someone beat me too it...

    Calling Harry Potter a libertarian might be a stretch, but the series definitly has clinged to the evils and madness of bureaucracy since fairly early on.

  2. Sometimes like in Southpark the libertarian theme is real.

    I wouldn't see HP as libertarian as much as anti-politician. And JKR also is anti-media, anti-snobbery etc etc.

  3. When I read it, I thought that she had slipped a bit of 'public service' satire into the book!

  4. There seems to be a few movies popping up right now that freedom lovers can get excited about; Serenity, V for Vendetta, Aeon Flux, Harry Potter perhaps...

  5. Previous "anonymous" was me. For some reason my name didn't go through.

  6. I wrote a piece myself on the subject the day after HP5 'The Order of the Phoenix' was released in June 03, at Lindsay's request for The Free Rad. Jo Rowling pillories bureaucracy in 5, in particular.

    But I didn't have a recent photo and I hate having my photo taken and I didn't want to pose for one - so he got the pip and didn't print it. His loss! :)

    (And yes, I've just re-read 4 for the umpteenth time in preparation for Friday! Bring it on!)

    JKR's definitely anti-bureaucratic stupidity - and that's good enough for this lib!


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