Thursday, 3 November 2005

Getting Frank with Google Earth

My tempting time-waster at present is Google Earth, and I've just found a truckload of Google Earth plugins (they call them .kmz files) that take you directly to various Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, where you can then fly around to your heart's content. There on the right for example is a screeen capture of the site of the Ennis-Browne house just outside LA.

This is a wonderful tool for seeing architecture in its context -- or at least, at present, seeing the context of the architecture; you still need to know the architeture whose site you're looking at. And in a short time you can have an architectural tour of the globe -- or even an engineering tour if you prefer: that's a screen capture of the Hoover Dam down there on the left.

Links: A collection of Google Earth Frank Lloyd Wright plugins

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