Sunday, 27 November 2005

Categories and tags

In the absence of a category tool from Blogger, I think I've finally worked out how to get mine working, and I'm slowly 'tagging' most of my archived posts so all my former stupidity can be found easily and then held against me. Richard at 'Philosophy et cetera' set me on the right road with this post, proving that philosophers are good for something. ;^)

All I have to do now is work out how to show tags at the bottom of each post. In the meantime, feel free to visit my tags home page and start burrowing. It will be filling up fast as I do the job of 'archiving.'

[UPDATE: I note that there is an RSS feed for each Tag, so if for example you want to be notified every time I write something that's funny -- or maybe every time I post a piece of Art or Architecture -- but you don't want any bloody politics or any of that libertarian crap, then you can just select the RSS feed that you want. Neat huh.]


  1. Hi PC, always glad to be of service :)

    Re: publishing category links on posts, did you install that Greasemonkey script I linked to? If you do that, and ensure that your Blogger settings have the "link field" set to display, then you should find your Blogger post editor has a new field (between the post title and the "link" field which I just keep blank) where you can enter category tags. They will then be appended to the end of your post automatically. As an added bonus, once you publish it adds a prepared "post to" option for you, which if you click, has all your post details prepared (e.g. title, link, tags) for posting to, no effort required. It really is a wonderfully convenient script :)

    (If I'm not making sense, further details are available on the "ecmanaut" page I link to.)

  2. Hi Richard,

    Yep, I have that Greasemonkey script installed, which as you say is wonderfully convenient. It does all you say, except for installing the tag at the foot of each post. Not a biggy, and it probably just means that I've munted some code somewhere in my blog template at some stage. Once I put the tags on the front page of the blog, it will be easy enough for readers to click through should they wish to.

    Thamks again. :-)


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