Saturday, 5 November 2005


My sister has been attacked by a dog.

Story here from the Northern Advocate. I can pass on whatever comments or messages you would like to make.


  1. Oh, I am really sorry to hear that. I was attacked by an Army dog long time ago. Fortunately the trainer appeared in time before the dog put more than just shallow tooth marks on my thigh.

    I am not surprised that your sister didn't hear anything from the dog's owner. I hold that the dog's character reflects that of its owner's.

    Hope your sister get well soon.


  2. Thanks Hong. Glad to hear those thighs weren't too damaged. ;^)

  3. I hope your sister recovers quickly Peter. It's still so traumatic, even if you are used to that sort of environment. The crocodile thing didn't really hit my brother until he had more or less recovered from the injuries - he had to have quite a bit of counselling before he could go back into the water.

  4. Thanks Ruth. We'll have to see how keen she is to get back on the bike. :-)

  5. I spent a couple of years as a Postie, and got attacked by dogs a couple of times; both times, oddly enough, in what you'd consider the nice area of town. I was never bit, but they certainly give you a hooer of a shock.

    In my honest opinion, dogs are just and under-utilised form of protein anyway.

    Hope your sister gets better soon.

  6. Pass on my regards to Lyn PC and my wishes for her speedy recovery.

  7. golly that's terrible! is your sister going to be ok with walking and stuff? i hope she's ok.

  8. Thanks to everyone for your comments, which I'm passing on. She's had all sorts of messages of support, including one from a "stranger in Whangarei" offering" a bed on his farm and 'friendship.' Uuugh!

    Sister is back in Whangarei Hospital at present. Seems that 'walking and stuff' will be fine, but she will have a great scar to show off at parties.


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