Friday, 25 November 2005

Beer O'Clock

I can see myself getting outside a few of these tonight.

Hope the rest of you have a good one too.



  1. and Happy Thanksgiving to you PC!

  2. Pete!

    You are clearly a regular reader of that fine Real Beer website - yet your choice in beer remains so mainstream!

    When will you become more libertarian in your beer shopping?

    Nei(possibly from real beer)

  3. Yes indeed, a fine site, Neil, that Real Beer site.

    You don't think I should be drinking Crown at an Aussie Rules function? Even with beer, context is king. :-)

    And anyway, mainstream isn't ~always~ bad, but I'm always happy to take new recommendations.

    Maybe Real Beer could possibly offer a top twenty 'great little known beers' to sample. Beers that are moderately well available would be good. Do you think the fine Real Beer site might consider such a thing?

  4. 5 NZ beers to try in December:
    * Emerson's 1812 IPA
    * Limburg Czechmate Pilsner
    * Galbraith's Bob Hudson Bitter (only available from the ale house, itself, on the bottom of Mt Eden Road).
    * Cock and Bull Monk's Habit (from any of the Cock and Bull pub's around Auckland).
    * Duncan's Founders Brewery Long Black

    Besides the pub offerings, the rest will be available from a good New World or a good bottle store.

    I'm assuming you live in Auckland - no offence intended.

    Warning - Flavour Explosion. These beers are like a good homemade burger compared to Crown Lager's fast food appeal.

    Stu (loves real beer but not from Real Beer).

  5. I appreciate that sometimes you have to drink what is available but there are always opportunities to branch out and try something new.

    There are opportunities to open your mind to new beers and flavours in the same way you urge others to open theirs to art, architecture and philosophy.

    Stu's list is a fantastic place to start.

  6. "There are opportunities to open your mind to new beers and flavours in the same way you urge others to open theirs to art, architecture and philosophy."

    Quite right, Neil. Couldn't agree more. I shall be tracking these down ASAP, though with more attention to the less warm and less flat varieties. :-)


  7. You are a scholar and a gent sir.

    Though of beers Young Stu recommended only the Bob Hudson's could be remotely (but wrongly) described as warm and flat.

    You should go to Galbraiths - if not for the Bobs then for the Belgian Ressurection or the Boheminian Pilsner.

    You could have tried his excellent Stars and Stripes American Pale Ale but anti Americanism has seen it disappear. Even though it was made in Mt Eden...

    I hope to see a post on the art of beer son!

    In liberty


  8. The beer to end all beers in my humble opinion is Emersons Pilsner.

    A mindless hour or two sorting out the mower and lawns after the huntaway pissed all over the air filter, the hot Otago afternoon, the missus on default setting harping about some shit, the fridge at the back of the garage....the glistening beaded just right size bottle, cold as a Heren Crark stare; the special tall pilsner glass providentialy stowed on the shelf below that fogs when you bring it out; the delicious sound of a bottle opener doing its duty;
    cold gold fine foamed pilsner rising up the glass....the Taste the TASTE the aftertones the texture the bliss. Nectar of the gods.

    the bloody black and tan dog knocking the part empty bottle over and flooding your tobacco and papers, the missus coming back in range......but for a minute or two there was bliss thanks to Emersons

  9. Sheer poetry George.

    I almost cried...

  10. At least he didn't knock over your special tall pilsner glass, George.

    I had a similar misadventure in which I lost my prized Schofferhoffer glass. I did cry. Hefeweizen just isn't the same without it. :-(

  11. George - If only you had a heading bitch instead of the huntaway... mine dances around a glasses and bottles, and growls at anyone who wanders to close to the brewing corner of the kitchen. She even knows to stay away at bottling time.

    Re: flat and warm - there's a reason that Export Gold have released the "Extra Cold" version. It numbs the tastebuds.

    Looking forward, as always, to Neil's fantastic beer tasting session tonight. What delights await...

    Stu, the steward.

  12. Can anyone tell me where exactly Export Gold is exported to (and why they would want it there?) and at what event it could possibly have been given a Gold medal?

  13. anonymous

    Lamb marking all week. Im fed up with all breeds that bark including the missus' little yapper.

    Dust blood mulesing testicles tails burns moreblood vaccinations briar bruises and thistles.

    I could drink a warm export gold out of a hindu's boot right now.

    Back into it

  14. Who knows? But I think the "snapped" section at be some indication as to their marketing plan. Think "Export Gold", think nubile. I love that word... nubile.



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