Thursday, 24 November 2005

Architects awards

Last night's NZ Institute of Architects Awards in Auckland featured "houses which . . . stepped away from brutal modernism towards a more personal style. "The one-room glass box with kitchen, living and dining altogether has been around for a while and some architects are now exploring other ideas," said Institute of Architects judging convener Craig Moller." Herald story here.

Well, he would say that, wouldn't he. The photo at right would have been chosen by the Institute to showcase the awards, and also presumably to highlight this bold new direction -- it's a bach, by the way. Now, photos aren't always a good way to judge a building, but the selected photo causes a few words to spring to mind, and 'more personal' and 'relaxed' aren't three of them. What words would you use?


  1. Looks like a Dalek dildo. Perhaps we should start a collection to have it repatriated to Omaha Beach in Normandy, then pushed off the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc?

    I'm no expert in architecture, but there's some buildings that you look at and just feel "ah, so humanity hasn't been a total waste of space!" - that unity of form and function, science and art and craft, even that sense that someone brought care and passion, even love, to their task. This? Blech...

  2. Minging springs to mind, actually.

  3. Looks like a prison block, but I think you've chosen an unfavourable angle with bad lighting.

  4. Not ~my~ choice, AL, but the choice of the Herald, who would presumably be using one supplied by the NZIA.

    I was going to do a wee quip about the Government knocking up a new building to house the expanding prison population, but I thought it may have been too unkind. Maybe not.

  5. I thought 'Bunker'

    Must be those strips of windows!

  6. Robert Winefield24 Nov 2005, 19:00:00

    Windows? I thought they were weapon slits. And look at all those gorgeous uninterrupted fields of fire! Fritz Todt would be orgasmic!

  7. It's the ablution block. Someone must have knocked the photographer at the wrong moment.

  8. Now, now. I think we're all enjoying ourselves just a little too much, aren't we. :-)

    Somebody spent an awful lot of time and money on this . . . this . . .

  9. oh the hangar at Budapest airport

  10. As they do trying to get rid of dandruff...

  11. Is 'Brutal modernism' the phrase you're reaching for, PC? :) I still feel the intense urge to urinate or shoot a wave of GIs, though...


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