Friday, 11 November 2005

AFL going global

The world's most libertarian sport, Aussie Rules, is now being played in English schools, and the inclusion in PE curricula has received the endorsement of the UK Minister of Sport, Richard Cabon. Channel 9's 'Today' programme has a clip showing how it has worked at one school to inspire renewed interest in sport amongst the youngsters. "It's a man's sport," enthuses one perceptive kid. (Firefox users will need to switch to Explorer to watch the clip.) NZ readers who would like to get Aussie Rules into their school should contact Rob Malone or one of the other NZAFL legends to get a School Clinic organised.

In other footy news, following the success of the New Zealand Falcons in this year's International Cup in Melbourne, a New Zealand Aussie Rules team has been invited to play in the Australian Country Championships in 2006. NZ will be in a pool comprising Queensland, SA, Victoria Districts, an Aboriginal All Stars team, NZ, and Tasmania.

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