Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Write like you talk

Hey, you lot: if you want fame, fortune, riches and people beating a path to your blog-haven, then don't write as if you've got a stick up your arse, write like you talk. Good advice, just as long as you don't, like, talk like a twelve-year-old. Kathy Sierra has studies on this and everything. [Hat tip, Stephen Hicks]

Linked article: Conversational writing kicks formal writing's ass


  1. The same goes for music. The best songwriters, and by this I mean Nick Cave, write their lyrics as a narrative or dialogue or speech.

  2. Thanks for the link, there's some good information there.

  3. agreed, we never try to use fancy words to impress peoples, or spanish or thing like that you how peoples they blab on in france as thopugh l;ik we donts understand a word they say,


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