Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Sick of noise...

"Sick of noise and short of breath" -- that's how Howard Devoto described himself when he left the Buzzcocks and formed Magazine. 'Sick of crap and short of patience' -- that's essentially how Ruth described herself over the weekend when she password-protected her blog after stirring up a storm by dissing Cathy's views on rape and who is 'asking for it,' and losing patience with neanderthals visiting her site to sling shit.

Oddly, the password-protection is being taken as confirmation that she's been slam-dunked. Isn't it great just how rational disagreements on the blogosphere are.

PS: Wonder what they all think about George Carlin's routine 'Rape Can Be Funny'? You can hear a snippet at Amazon.


  1. Thanks for the link. Yeah, peeps sure got into a tizzy over that one.

  2. Bullshit, PC. Ruth made outrageous claims about what Cathy had written--which you've essentially repeated--and did so duplicitously and dishonestly. When challenged on what she'd written about Cathy, she couldn't back it up with fact.

    Yes, Ruth is a sow, who spat the dummy because she couldn't take the heat.

  3. Enter the neanderthal himself...

  4. Exactly, PC. A neanderthal who's clubbed Ruth in an argument to the extent she's now banning everybody from reading her blog.

  5. one day this police says to the fascists groups, yous a bunch of cro magum, and it not correct because like we sat the exam and got avarage 64 on this IQ exam, and the girl nurse says jeez that amazing, and lik 64 out of seventy not bad, but you donts satisfy some peoles ever, look we donts never fight with the ferocious womyns what sleep on the right side of the beds,

  6. "A neanderthal who's clubbed Ruth in an argument to the extent she's now banning everybody from reading her blog."

    No. Just "a neanderthal."

  7. Now you're arguing like a girl, PC. Is Ruthie giving you favours on the side?

  8. You're well-named. Now piss off.

  9. The Buzzcocks were the masters of the 3 minute pop song, especially poignant they were around after the pompous progressive/glam rock era. Devoto missed the point, Magazine were too inwardly focused, although I like 'Motorcade' Standout Buzzcocks tracks:

    What do I get
    Harmony in my head
    Moving away from the pulse beat
    Ever fallen in love

  10. Ruth misrepresented what I had to say COMPLETELY to suit her own ends and when I questioned this on my own blog with full links (as I had enough of her spouting shit about me on other people's blogs) she ran away and hid like a coward.


    Any time she wants a rational debate she is welcome to one. But first I suggest she read the entire article that people go to the bother of writing on blogs and engage the thing in her head commonly known as a brain.

    Other bloggers tell me this is not the first time she has reacted in such a fashion.

  11. Now that Ruth has come back and started again with the stupidity on DPF's site, you planning to change your opinion?


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