Wednesday, 26 October 2005

A great service

If any of you have aged relatives, then I can highly recommend the St John's Lifelink system. Three times in the last five years my mother has activated it, I've been rung, and an ambulance has been dispatched with friendly and quiet efficiency. The service is excellent, and a great reassurance.

Shame you can't say the same for the emergency departments to which the patients are then delivered. 'Zoo' is the best word I can find to describe the latest one...


  1. like when my father fell over and we rings the ambulance, well what happen next, he wakes up fast and says you bastards get offa here,

  2. A pager? Sort of, I guess. It has a necklace which can be worn around the neck, and if or when they fall or need assistance, they just push the button and a signal goes to St John's, who try and ring the person. If the call is unsuccessful, an ambulance is sent out, reliatives are phoned, and hopefully things are on their way to being put right.

    It means that a person can remaim independent as long as they can, while knowing that help is only a button-push away.

  3. Haha, good old lifelink alarms...

    The number of times an ambulance pulls up, priority one, bells and whistles going to find someone gardening in the back yard who bumped their alarm and didn't hear the phone!

    They are a great idea, but boy are there a lot of false alarms!


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