Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Release of the 'Capitalist Manifesto'

Andrew Bernstein's Capitalist Manifesto is a new book with balls that defends capitalism as the world's most moral and most practical solution. Ed Younkins reviews it here. Australia's Prodos interviews the author in his online radio show here.

From the review:
This tour de force presentation thoroughly and eloquently addresses virtually every question or criticism anyone has ever made about the morality or practicality of capitalism.
From the interview:
  • Capitalism as "The system of the Enlightenment" - even though that happened a century or so earlier;
  • The connection between human rights, freedom, and prosperity.
  • What capitalism has done for the Arts.
  • What is ACTUALLY the central, foundational principle of the capitalist system?
  • Capitalism as the system of the mind.
And much, much more.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this reviewed on Campbell Live this Friday. Ahahahahaha.

  2. There is an excellent review of this book on Amazon. The reviewer seems to have studied Ayn Rand in detail, and he claims that her works form the basis for much of this book. To excerpt:

    THE CAPITALIST MANIFESTO (TCM) has many merits. Most significantly, Prof. Bernstein focuses considerable attention on those businessmen, inventors and creators whose abilities have been unleashed thanks to capitalism. Many defenses of capitalism omit this crucial aspect of the case for capitalism.


    TCM is comprehensive and worth reading, even if you are familiar with Rand or capitalist apologetics. All the same, I couldn't help thinking as I read this book that its arguments would have been strengthened in Prof. Bernstein had relied more on the insights of non-Objectivist thinkers. A good dose of Misesian praxeology and methodological individualism helps the newcomer overcome many of the attractions of socialist thought. Prof. Bernstein leaves too much of the "heavy lifting" to Rand and his book suffers for it.


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