Monday, 3 October 2005

Ken Ring on 'Sunday'

Last night's 'Sunday' programme examined the Ken Ring phenomenon I blogged about the other day in Lunatic?. Feel free to let me know if you saw it, and if you either changed your opinion as a result of the programme, or had it reinforced.


  1. About the only thing I learnt was Sunday is as hopeless investigating things like this as the other news media.

  2. I didn't see the programme you mentioned, but Ken Ring was on the Radio last week and my partner heard it and decided to buy his Almanac for 2006 for me, as my work is weather dependant.
    I have decided to do my own research into this "lunar forecasting" and see if it has any merit.
    Heres what I am doing;

    So far it looks like a load of crap, 4 days into 2006 and only 2 days reasonably accurate.
    Not much better than the MetService itself


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