Sunday, 2 October 2005

A Katrina Sky?

I've been sent some spectacular photos of the threatening skies just before Katrina hit New Orleans.


Blogger Rick said...

Wasn't it Green MP Sue Kedgley who was duped into falling for that "H2O is poison" post hoc ergo propter hoc gag?

This is almost as bad! You've been duped by last month's dupe!
I'll try to find you the link to prove it l8r.

2 Oct 2005, 21:04:00  
Blogger PC said...


2 Oct 2005, 21:27:00  
Blogger Rick said...

You got it.

Here is the pertinent link to my favorite TV show over here in Oz, Mediawatch. It's like Fair Go, only they focus only on the media- who must surely live in fear!

The popular channel Seven breakfast show is here seen going nutty over this hoax. Mediawatch busted them!

There is a lesson in truth here. I think between these being such great shots and Katrina being such a big deal that lots of people have their otherwise healthy scepticism shorted out. It's a good lie.

2 Oct 2005, 22:21:00  

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