Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Glasgow School of Art -- Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Glasgow School of Art of (designed 1906-7; completed 1909) was one of the twentieth Century's first true architectural masterpieces. Mackintosh designed it at the age of just twenty-eight.

That's a model (above) of the completed building, the Library (below, left and right) and the West facade (left)

A film showing some of Mackintosh's work is available at this site. And a 3d 'tour' of Mackintosh's beautiful light-filled Hill House Drawing Room is available at this site. It's amazing what you find on the old Interweb when you decide to really look.


  1. Spectacular interiors. I hadn't thought such long hanging fixtures would date back so far.

  2. There really was some amazing architecture going on at the turn of last century, Liz. I'll be posting some more here from time to time, like the Olbrich building last night, but it really was a very exciting period -- the first opportunity to really take advantage of the products of the Industrial Revolution and make a new architecture of them. Unfortunately, after so much promise, we got too much of the cardboard modernism, and not enough of the delight.

    There's probably an article in all that, methinks. :-)


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