Tuesday, October 18, 2005

An angry shade of Green

DR at the Frogblog says all there is to be said about the Greens not being invited to the Ball. Whatever you were going to say about the deal the Greens have been handed, they're already saying it themselves. They've been screwed:

‘Spokeswoman for solar heating’ for goodness sake. Pathetic. ‘Spokesman for buy locally made’ … good grief. These are nonsense baubles, and will be full of burble.

No wonder the Green Party executive decided not to hold its promised SGM. There would’ve been blood on the floor. What an abysmal sellout, and no arguing about ‘this is the hand the voter dealt us’ excuses. We Greens [I am a financial, card carrying member] ran a poor campaign, chose generally poor candidates, have had six years in Parliament to build communications with media, business, farmers, and every other group with a name and chose not to, and have allowed image to remain a mishmash of badly thought out and poorly marketed policies. Frankly, we deserved to be done over. We have been, right royally.

Now, it’s time to change the leadership, the executive, the electorate structures and get some new blood in, people with cojones, who won’t slither away from confronting reality.

We’ve had 30 years to go from 5.3% of the popular vote in 1975 [as Values Party] to 5.3% in 2005. That is not progress my friends, that’s treading a pool of stagnant water.

And check out the vitriol on this thread from Green supporters. Nobody does in-fighting like the hard left. Meanwhile, on the soft left, Russell Brown spins the Green's baubles, just as he earlier defended Winston. Maybe he's after a job as Labour Party speechwriter?



Blogger Berend de Boer said...

Hmm, I came for some blood letting, but it's only phil u. DR makes some good points, but nobody is following up there. Just that in three years time they will do better. Strange, everything will get worse according to the Greens, except their party.

Now I'm waiting for the blood letting of the Libertarianz. The election was a failure, where is the definitive analysis?

10/18/2005 09:29:00 pm  

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