Monday, 12 September 2005

A wanker with a ponytail

What a sad little man. American sociologist Jonathan Pontell (right) has invented another one of these bullshit psudo-concepts that PR wankers devise over a long lunch and then build their careers by travelling the world talking it up. 'Generation Jones' is his invention--a "Lost Generation!" breathlessly trumpets Entrepreneur magazine-- supposedly referring to people between forty and fifty that people interested in these things have up to now apparently ignored as a significant demographic, until Pontell bothered to notice them and point out the oversight. Yawn.

Now he's here in New Zealand talking himself up, but apparently his ego has been insufficiently stroked by local luminaries so he's throwing hissy fits and threatening law suits--or so he just ranted to Linda Clark. The first suit would be against the Christchurch Press because they had the acumen to call him a hoaxster. That made poor Jonathan unhappy (cue violins) and also made him call his lawyers.

In a bid to show how locally 'connected' he is, he's also been quietly hinting that he's been "consulted" by a "major local party," but his bluff on that one has also been called. Every "major local party" has issued a "Nyet" to his claim, making him look even sillier than he already does, and the National Party went even further and also called him a hoaxster. To restore his fragile and damaged ego he has to sue them too.

What a sad little wanker. Perhaps he and Judith Tizard could contrive to get stuck in a lift together sometime.

[UPDATE 1: Russell Brown has some background on the whole ruckus in a PS at the foot of this post.]
The Grauniad has the story of Pontell's similarly duplicitous shenanigans with Britain's Tory Party. [Hat tip IP at DPF's]

A Tory spokesman said: "CommunicateResearch came in to pitch for business, but they are not employed by us in any way. He came in with them for a chat and is certainly not giving us any advice."... Mr Pontell told the Guardian: "Yes, I have advised a political party here about targeting Generation Jones. I can't say which party it was." He had met officials and provided follow-up information on request.]

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