Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Susan the Libertarian gives her report...

Hi everybody .. Elliot's provided a very good precis (below) of what happened last night. Not having done this before I wasn't sure what to expect; but I had my suspicions, all of which were founded. The audience of 60-70 constituted the party faithful; I don't think there was a single member of the public there who wasn't associated with some party.

The Destiny Church were there in full along with one solitary Act candidate from Pakuranga (no. 10 on the list) who spoke very well. Most people there were Maori & Pacific Islanders, many of whom were bellyaching about poverty, Maori seats and the usual communist crap. Good, I thought. Bring it on! Let's flush out the racists. (Which never takes long!)

I had to do a wee bit of last-minute editing due to their strict timekeeping - as I wanted to end on my terms, not theirs. I thought it went really well and I certainly had their attention! (The old ploy: grab them at the beginning and you've got them whether they like it or not!)

I was watching their faces all the way through. They were listening. I didn't pull any punches, but as there's only so much you can say in 6 mins, I just wanted to distinguish ourselves from all the others. Freedom v Nanny.

Unfortunately, nobody asked me a question at the end directly; the racists went on about the right's 'travesty' in trying to do away with the Maori seats. They really are deluded and, I suspect, very worried as they sense their days are numbered, hence the increasing vitriol. I was dying for someone to ask me that. I'd have bloody shot them down with both barrels.

However, I could contain myself no longer when the young woman, obviously opposed to Sue Bradford's proposed anti-smacking bill, posed the question (as per Elliot's report) to the Filipina United Future candidate, the latter of whom couldn't answer.

I just barged in (being blessed with a louder voice than most women!) and told everybody that ''I'm not politically correct, never was and I'm sure as hell not starting now! Sue Bradford's bill will create a Hitler Youth situation where kids inform on parents. No legislation will stop a mongrel from brutalising a child with a bit of 4x2 and if you think that it will, you're sillier than I thought you were. If someone can't tell the difference between a smack on the hand and brute force, they should be kept as far away from kids as possible because they're patently clueless. We already have laws that prohibit brute force .. we don't need anymore. This bloody country has a history of throwing more laws on poor laws, all of which is a waste of time. If you can wipe your own bums, sort out your own insurance and raise your kids to be decent people, you can do anything. You do not need interfering bloody bureaucrats to tell you want to do!"

The Destiny Church, the Maori Party & assorted Pacific Islanders all applauded .. one bloke with full moko (who prior to this had only shown interest in retaining the racist seats) suggested I join the Maori Party (!) Even the huge Pacific Island lady who had gone on ad nauseum about poverty within the PI community in Manurewa and what was the National Party candidate going to do about it, was right into my rave.

The only two who were not cheering were the caucasian Alliance & Green women, two deliciously unlovely communists. I was very happy to irritate them!

All in all, I recognised from the outset that I was up against it, so I just went for it. If nothing else, those people know about the Libertarianz now. Speech attached.


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