Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Snowed in?

When cities are used to snow, when snowfalls come its generally business as usual. Not so elsewhere though where snow only hits irregularly, and snowfalls bring a gentle sort of chaos, especially when they arrive out of season.

Christchurch is still apparently a picture postcard, with roads, parks, airport, Lincoln University, Christchurch Polytech and Inland Revenue closed. Not all bad then.

I remember a few years back when living in London that the trains were on a limited service when heavy snow came, not because British Rail were unprepared but because, as a BR rep famously said at the time, it was "the wrong kind of snow." Businesses and offices closed for several days due to the transport difficulties. People didn't stay snowed in at at home though: people couldn't get to work, but shops, pubs and restaurants were full.

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