Thursday, 8 September 2005

Rod Donald a capitalist?

Did anybody else see Greens co-leader-person Rod Donald describe himself as a "radical capitalist" on Kim Hill's show last night? It's true, as he says, that he has run a business or two, but he's not exactly the "radical for capitalism" that Ayn Rand was when she described herself that way, or even the radical for capitalism the guy is over there on the right.

Still, politicians used to show lip service to socialism. These days, they're paying lip service to capitalism. Even Jim Anderton wants company tax cuts these days.

Maybe those Celebrate Capitalism guys are making progress (read their declaration here). Anyone want to sign up to be a coordinator for a New Zealand city next year? It can be fun as the Worldwide WalkForCapitalism showed, and the organisation for next year's event starts now.

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