Thursday, 8 September 2005

Jobs for the boys at the New Orleans Levees Board

Everything is under investigation in New Orleans, Louisiana and Washington DC, not least the New Orleans Levee Board, directly responsible for the bursting levees and rampantly corrupt--apparently spending taxpayers money on a casino, a private airport for its planes, and a private dock for its boats. In this story at Canada Free Press "Congressman, now Senator David Vitter [says] "corrupt, good old boy" practices were apparent in the New Orleans Levee Board just one year before the collapse of regional levees."

More here in a radio presentation by Charles Goyette about the jobs for the boys, and the political plums awarded to the political hacks on the Levees Board--a reward for raising money and getting their friends elected.

Why is it that people still want government in charge of anything important?

[UPDATE 1: Story on the Levees Board is approx. halfway through.]
[UPDATE 2: Where the Levees are: the BBC have a graphic showing what and where.]

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