Monday, 26 September 2005

Hercules takes on Panama

A poster from 1912 celebrating the construction of the Panama Canal--a magnificent engineering achievement, and one of my favourite stories of human accomplishment. The poster depicts the construction as 'The 13th Labour of Hercules.'
[Hat tip SOLO]


  1. Great poster. Indeed, a print would not be inappropriate in my office, given the effort I am regularly exhorted to make. The Panama Pacific Exhibition is still remembered in Maybeck's magnificent Palace of Fine Arts, a popular backdrop for tourists in the City. In a museum in a small mining town in Northern California is a photograph of my great-grandfather visiting that exhibition -- and that museum is almost identical to the museum in Arrowtown in your South Island, both towns having coincident gold-mining histories. (Connections are fun.)

  2. Hi Hippolyte,

    They're not cheap, but Cordair Art in Burlingame, California, do have "limited edition prints" available.