Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Green charm offensive was the latter

'Greens ready to show their horns,' was yesterday's Herald headline. Apparently they did, and business didn't like them.

Despite Rod Donald telling Kim Hill he was a "radical capitalist" a week before the election (remember the election?), the Greens failed yesterday to charm invited business representatives in a bid to make themselves acceptable as a cabinet option in a Labour-led coalition. Story here.

"Unimpressed," "a wasted opportunity," "a lot of people will agree to disagree," and "the Greens [do] not understand business" were just some of the comments from those attending the meeting. "Frankly, the Green Party policies on trade, on roading, are just not acceptable," said one. So that obviously went well then.

Apparently Rod Donald is not a unicorn, as he bizarrely described himself yesterday.
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  1. According to Wikipedia one of the descriptions of a Unicorn is as a mutant goat. So maybe he picked the right words...


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