Monday, 12 September 2005

The great Skyhawks going out of business sale

When Clinton left the White House, there was a last-minute going-out-of-business-sale of pardons, and a rash of legislation intended to tie the hands of the Bush administration.

Now, in a week before our election, the Labour Government is having a similar going-out-of-business sale of the mothballed Skyhawks, tying the hands of the next Government by increasing the difficulty of restoring the air combat wing, and indicating perhaps the Labour Party's level of confidence in they themselves being that government: This is an admission that their confidence is not high.

Ron Mark was right on the money yesterday, saying "Labour knew full well that other parties had plans to restore the air combat capabilities. [Mark] says Labour has sold the aircraft from right under their noses to ensure the final nail has been put into the air combat wing's coffin."


  1. Yes, it's bad timing but it may be for the best. A ressurected ACW would be better served with modern equipment (like an Aussie compatible F-18) in the long run. Also, given that Singapore's Skyhawks will soon be up for sale (to be replaced with top-of-the-line F-15Es) I doubt we'd be able to get a better price for ours in the future.

  2. michael fasher13 Sep 2005, 18:15:00

    forget the f18 the australians are replacing their hornets with the lockheed martin f 35 joint strike fighter. There are three variants an airforce varientf35a a navalised version f35cand a (STOVL)short take off and vertical landing versionf35b.Australia is buying the airforce version and might buy some short take off and vertical landing f35b
    the smart thing would be to buy the F35b STOVL variant and buy a small carrier for the navy such as the mistral class built for the french navy then we could intergrate our airforces strike capability with our navy


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