Wednesday, 14 September 2005

An Epsom letter from the Nats

The Nats are sending out letters in Epsom telling National supporters to vote Worthless in the electorate vote. Aaron has published his copy.

Labour's Stuart Nash is both endorsing Worthless and door-knocking for him, and now the Nats' hierarchy is issuing their own official endorsement. Whatever Epsom poll you like to pick, either independent or internal, the numbers stacking up against Mr Hide do not look good, and neither do the number of ACT foot-soldiers on the street.

As Mr Hide himself is wont to say, Epsom voters are intelligent; they can see what's going on. I do believe they can.

[UPDATE: Apparently these letters are going out across the electorate, not just to National supporters. If I'd checked my pile of mail yesterday I would have found my own personalised letter.]

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