Monday, 12 September 2005

Don't you love MMP?

A report in from Susan on Leighton Smith's interviews this morning with the various leaders of the minor parliamentary parties.

Gee thanks, Rod. You'll happily tax the bejesus out of me for my own good. You want to protect the environment, but you won't protect private property rights - which is the only way to protect the environment! In short, like a good socialist, you know everything!
ACT: Well Rodney, Act's demise this weekend will mean that if you're going to talk 'freedom', you better mean what you say! Don't just tinker with tax, welfare and the RMA ... scrap them altogether! After Saturday, come on home to the Libz. We have principles!
UNITED FUTURE: Peter Dunne-bugger-all wants to be in a govt coalition. Well, why not?! He's been a member of every party that ever there was, so he'll feel right at home anywhere. Hope he voted in favour of prostitution law reform, because he's the biggest political prostitute we have!
NZ PROGRESSIVES: I'm delighted to say that I have NOTHING in common with Jim and his Anal Retentives. So nothing's non-negotiable, eh Jim? In other words, you're unprincipled. The only 'no-brainer' is your party.
MAORI PARTY: Atareta says the Maori party was created because the Maori minority couldn't have their say in other parties. Hmmm. On the one hand they want freedom from the state regarding property - but on the other they still think it's ok to put their hand in other people's wallets. Unprincipled AND separatist. Just what the country needs!
Don't you love MMP?

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