Friday, 16 September 2005


You might have heard that Little Steve Maharey announced on his blog Wednesday the chief philosophical difference between Labour and National: " cuts mean the government does not have the money to invest in policies that allow prosperity to be shared and for social justice to be a possibility. But then the National Party does not want any of these things. It wants a future where people make their own decisions about their own money." [Hat tip Whale Oil]

If only. For Little Stevie, 'wealth' always has the modifer 'redistributed' attached to it. But are the Nats really going to allow you to make your own decisions about your own money?

Marian Hobbs also had a go yesterday: "We face a stark choice on Saturday. National intends to put property rights and profit ahead of the environment." If only she realised that property rights and profits are what protect the environment. If only the Nats did. Where do you think Auntie Marian even got the idea?

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  1. I can only shake my head when Frogs keep explaining that they do not want to place property rights in the NZ Bill of Rights because it would make property equal to people...

    There seems to be three types of Frogs:

    1. Ones that love the environment (and some love it above all else).

    2. Ones that have no idea of the effects of their own philosophy

    3. Ones that have hi-jacked environmental causes to advance totalitarian ones.

    People from 1 and 2 are blissfully unaware of group 3. It's somewhat sad.


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